"From our first phone meeting until the day we went to court and my ticket was dismissed, David was amazing.He listened to my whole story and crafted a defense accordingly. Thank you David!"
~ Sean

Traffic Defense

When the police pull you over for a traffic violation, the experience can be nerve-racking. Whether you are completely innocent or think you might have committed a violation, you might feel embarrassed to be questioned on the side of the road, upset about being fined, irritated to have been cited with an offense you do not believe to be just, or unsure about what to do next.

What Next?

You could simply pay the fine. Many people do that if only to put an annoying or irritating situation behind them. Others pay because they weigh the costs and benefits of contesting the infraction versus simply paying. But, what truly are the costs and benefits?

Consequences of Pleading Guilty: Fines, Traffic Record, Premium Hikes, License Suspensions

When you pay the fine associated with a traffic ticket, you are not just handing over money you worked hard to earn, you are actually pleading guilty to the infraction. Pleading guilty leads to consequences. First, of course, is the fine. Second, the State will keep track of the infractions on your driving record, which will likely lead to insurance rate hikes and could place you in jeopardy of probation or license suspension.

Insurance Premium Hikes: The Hidden Costs of Traffic Infractions

When traffic infractions are placed on your record, your insurance may go up. Some insurance companies do provide forgiveness for your first offense in the last several years—meaning your premiums may not go up. Some do not. If this is your second offense, your premiums are very likely to go up. The hike in your premiums after pleading guilty to an infraction could total several thousand dollars over the three years after the guilty plea.

License Probation and Suspension

Incurring too many infractions on your driving record in too short a time-frame could lead to probation or a license suspension. For instance, if you plead or are found guilty of four traffic infractions within a year, or five infractions within two years, you will be put on probation for one year. If you are guilty of two more infractions within the probationary year, the State will suspend your license for 30 days. You will have to pay to have your license reinstated. After license reinstatement, you will be on probation again for a year. Further infractions will lead to longer suspensions. Or, if you incur six infractions within a one-year period, the State will suspend your license for 60-days.

Benefits of Contesting

Our primary goal is always to seek full dismissal of the traffic infraction. We can never promise dismissal, but we do what is legally feasible given the facts of your case to try to make this happen.

If outright dismissal before a hearing or trial is not possible, we aim to get your "moving traffic violation" amended to a "non-moving violation" so that it will not negatively affect your driving record or you insurance rates. We will handle your case in the most thorough yet expeditious manner. Our goal is to make the process easy for you while optimizing the outcome, whether the outcome is full dismissal, a trial where you are found not guilty, a negotiated plea and settlement in your favor, a reduction in the points on your traffic record, or a reduction of the fine.

But What About the Cost of Legal Action?

Many people assume that because a fine is lower than our cost to provide legal action that it is better simply to pay the fine. That might still be true in your situation. On the other hand, the hidden cost of insurance premiums and the fact that accruing infractions in too short of a time period can put your license in jeopardy may make a legal defense the better option.

Moreover, if you are truly innocent and your case is dismissed or you are found not guilty, you may derive satisfaction in having your day in court and being able to vindicate your name.

Our Experience and the Types of Cases We Handle

We have the experience to handle all phases of legal defense for traffic infractions. And, we handle all types of traffic infractions, no matter the severity:

  • Speeding
  • Speed Too Fast for Conditions
  • Negligent Driving
  • Illegal Turns
  • Failure to Yield
  • Following Too Closely
  • Improper Lane Travel
  • Failure to Stop
  • Red Light Violations
  • No Proof of Insurance